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Helping Colorado Oil and Gas Workers 

to Survive & Thrive Financially 

During the 2014 oil and gas market downturn, I was working at a major financial institution that happens to hold the 401k plans for some of the major oil and gas companies. I had many difficult conversations with families who were calling in concerned about not only the balances of their 401k plan, but also their job security. Unfortunately, many of them had never taken the time to pay attention to their finances and consequently were very stressed about their financial future.

Fast forward to today and I want to make sure that you do not become one of those families.

You may have accumulated considerable company stock and have seen first hand what a downturn in the oil and gas markets can do to your financial future. Some of you are planning marriages, having children or you might want to retire early. All of you have limited time to learn everything necessary to make the best financial decisions.  

How Green Mountain Planning can help:

  • Helping you diversify the rest of your portfolio in a way that complements your company stock and reduces the overall risk.
  • Educating you on how to deal with your stock compensation to lower your risk and save money on taxes.
  • Helping you create and manage a budget so that you can build an emergency fund that you can count on if you lose your job during a round of layoffs.
  • Coming up with an actionable plan for a job transition if you are worried about the future of the O&G industry.

Our experience and knowledge can help you navigate not only obstacles that your career presents but also help you deal with day-to-day financial transitions and concerns.

It’s Not about Product

Your money goes directly to creating the life you have always dreamed of having. We don’t sell a single thing but time and empowerment. Because of that, we’re wholly invested in you and in your success. No conflicts of interest. No commissions. No kickbacks.

It’s About Life

We are leaders in the trend of integrating financial and life planning. That means we are dedicated to understanding each client’s unique set of values, priorities, challenges, and opportunities in order to make the most appropriate financial recommendations. 

Ready to put Your Money Into Action? 

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