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Colorado's Oil & Gas Financial Partner & Expert

Nestor Vargas Photo

Nestor Vargas


For more than a decade, I have helped families in the oil and gas industry avoid common financial pitfalls that can lead to very catastrophic outcomes.

My passion for working with families in these industries was solidified when I saw many of them struggling with the consequences of the 2014 O&G market downturn.  

I earned my CFP® designation in my 30s, so I am particularly attuned to the challenges facing young professionals, families and business owners. Whether it’s saving for college, paying down student loan debt or an early retirement, I will like to assist.

I established Green Mountain Planning as a fee-only financial firm to avoid the pitfalls and conflicts of interest found in other agency settings. 

I work for you, not any company or product.

I live in Lakewood, Colorado with my wife Meghan and my son Paxton. We love hiking, mountain biking, skiing, playing with our dog and attending our church.

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