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Free Retirement Analysis Process

WHY: To help you (and us) make an informed decision about working together.

WHAT: A free retirement assessment. We will show you step-by-step how you can improve your retirement success before paying us a single dollar.

WHO: Diligent savers who have accumulated investment and retirement assets of $250,000 or more. (Excluding real estate.)

No Cost Obligation

We want you to know exactly how we can help before you pay us a single dollar.

3 Big Answers

You will finish with answers to the three biggest questions about retirement.

15-Minute Call

The very first step is a 15-minute phone call with our team.

How This Woks

 p class="hero" style="text-align: center;">We have four simple steps:         

Step 1 


No need to prepare a ton of documents. There is time for that. During this 15-minute phone call, we simply want to understand what concerns you have to determine if we are a good fit.

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Step 2 


A prescription without a diagnosis is called malpractice. 

The next step is to visit our office for a complimentary meeting. During this one-hour meeting, We will work as a team to make sure we truly understand your goals, needs, and concerns. 

Before this meeting, we will request a few essential documents. We will use the information you provide us to give you an answer to the three critical questions

Step 3


We will apply 10+ years of experience, decades of time tested research and thousands of hours of training dealing with complex situations like yours to answer three critical questions

1. How well are you doing towards meeting your short and long-term goals (e.g., partial or full retirement)?

2. What is the best way to create the maximum amount of income while paying the least amount in taxes? 

3. How can you improve your investment strategy?

Step 4


With the analysis complete, we will have a second meeting to review the results. 

We will get straight to the point by showing you what you need to do to reach your financial goals. We will also answer the three critical questions. 

At the end of this meeting, you will understand the value we bring to the table and the cost of our services. 

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How Do I know If I'm a Good Fit?

We deliver the highest value when we focus on complex situations that require our expertise. Our typical clients are:

Professionals over age 50 who are retired or want to come up with a plan to walk away from work.

Diligent savers who have accumulated investments and retirement assets of $250,000 or more. (Excluding real estate.)

People who want to delegate all retirement planning and investment management to an expert so they can spend time on things that matter most to them.

Still Have Questions?

Click HERE to visit our Frequently Asked Questions. 

Schedule Your 15-Minute Phone Call