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I believe that everyone should have access to qualified independent financial advice from a fiduciary. I also believe that you should know exactly how much you are going to pay and what the end result will be.

What We Offer

Ongoing Financial Life Planning Services

A comprehensive financial  plan that will serve as a blueprint for your financial life. We will focus on your main pain points to start with. I will also guide you through a discovery process where I will help you define your future goals and also help you avoid any blind spots. A plan like this covers a lot of topics so we will break it down into manageable pieces. 

Click here to see a copy of a sample service calendar.

These are popular topics covered.

(They can be modified to meet your needs.)

Financial Life Planning

Equity Compensation analysis

Household Balance Sheet Development

Cash Flow Optimization/Budgeting

Debt/Student Loan Consulting

Goal Development

Employee Benefits Analysis

Educational Funding Analysis

Insurance Analysis

Estate Planning Review

Retirement Analysis

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Project Based Planning

Curious whether you should rent or buy? Want to know how you should allocate your investment accounts or if you can retire early? The Project Based option is a great way to get the help you need for specific topics, or if you're looking for a one-time comprehensive financial plan. In this type of engagement will deliver a plan with actionable steps but the implementation of the plan will be your responsibility.

If you decide to engage with an Ongoing Financial Planning service, the fee that you paid for your project is eligible to be credited towards the Ongoing Financial Planning initial fee as long as it is within the first 12 months following the first deposit. 

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Investment Management

I have seen many investors make disastrous mistakes when investing without having a financial plan. Therefore, I require that we engage in financial planning before we manage your money. (Remember that we do not require you to let us manage your money to work with us).

Investment Advice

I believe that keeping cost down is very important in maximizing returns so I use mostly low cost index funds to build and manage your portfolio.

Our investment management services are billed at 1 percent of the balance of your account. After 500k investment management includes Financial Life Planning at no extra cost.

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