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Financial Insights For Retirement |Golden, CO.

Are You Making These Catastrophic Financial Blunders? Thumbnail

Are You Making These Catastrophic Financial Blunders?

Death is an unfortunate reality of life and can happen at any age. I’m sure you want to be fully prepared when the inevitable day comes. You don’t want your friends and family picking up pieces of your life while they grieve. If you don’t want to leave your family a mess to clean up… then a proper estate plan is essential at any stage in your life.

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The Scariest Chart In The World.  Thumbnail

The Scariest Chart In The World.

The positive “bull” market moved into never before seen territory in the third quarter, reaching its longest duration and one of its strongest up-cycle performances on record. Investors continue to believe this is good news. The U.S. economy is booming and Wall Street is reporting increased earnings and rising stock prices. While completely ignoring danger signs such as high stock prices, rising interest rates, inflation, crazy amounts of debt and trade wars. Right now, there appears to be little regard for safety and downside protection.

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From the Oil Markets to Your Family Budget Thumbnail

From the Oil Markets to Your Family Budget

I remember clients asking me, "When do you think this is going to stop?" Unfortunately, I did not have an answer. What I realized during these hard conversations was that many of these families had not done any type of financial planning to prepare for a situation like this. The lack of planning had them feeling scared and stressed out about their family's financial well-being. I want to make sure you do not become one of these families in the future. In this article, I will share the top three mistakes oil and gas professionals make and how to avoid them.

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