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We all love vacations, but how do you feel after the fact?

Yes, I am talking about the financial stress vacations can put on your finances if not handled correctly. I talk to a lot of people who ask me the following question.

How do I balance making memories with my family, and saving for the future?

The simple answer is this, PLAN for them.

My wife Meghan and I had a meeting at the beginning of the year to plan out the vacations we wanted to take in 2019. We also figured out how much the vacations were going to cost us, and how they were going to impact our other savings goals.   

Stop paying attention to the trips that your friends are taking on social media, and start paying attention to how you are spending your money. When you start paying attention to how you are spending your money, you might find that you are more deliberate, more mindful, and more confident about your financial decisions, both big and small.

Remember that unlike your parents, many of you won't have pensions that guarantee income during retirement. It is up to you to save for the future, so you do not become a burden on your kids as you age.